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I feel that Yumigami does not receive proper credit for being the deity of the moon.

Our relationship as the sun and the moon give us a bit of a friendly rivalry. In some cases the moon goes between the Earth and my light, causing a shadow to appear on the mortal lands known as the eclipse. It’s her own little prank… However, it led humans to panic a long, long time ago when the sun was shadowed for only a few… seconds.

But Yumigami was once the guardian deity to a land veiled in mystery. The tribe gave praise and offerings to the gorgeous light of the moon… But it was but one day that the tribe turned away from Yumigami and shrouded themselves on the other side of the moon.

Then all traces of that tribe disappeared. 

Yumigami remains sorrowful over the day that her people turned to the shadows.
Waka remains silent.

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